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European Journal of 

The European Journal of Ecopsychology (EJE) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to explore the synthesis of psychological and ecological ideas from a variety of perspectives. We invite submissions in the form of theoretical papers, empirical reports, accounts of therapeutic practice, and more personal reflections which offer the reader insight into new and original aspects of the interrelationship between humanity and the rest of the natural world.

In general, topics of interest include:

  • Effects of the natural environment on our emotions and well-being
  • How psychological disconnection relates to the current ecological crisis
  • Furthering our understanding of psychological, emotional and spiritual relationships with nature

*** Publication of the 2015 issue of the EJE has been unavoidably delayed. We hope to produce it in 2016 as a double issue ***


We welcome submissions in the form of Essays, Research Papers, Forum pieces, Insights, Media Reviews, Practice accounts, and Review Papers ‐ details of each type are available here, along with submission guidelines here. Once you have read the guidelines, please register/login to the EJE online system.


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